Epic European Cycle : 2015-05-01 : Fly to Iceland

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General Info Weather: Reykjavik 10 Day Forecast $0.00
General Info Weather: Iceland Map $0.00
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Flight Fly Edmonton to Iceland Icelandair Edmonton Iceland $0.00 FI692. Dep 18:25; arr 06:40

Trip Log

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We had to open the bike boxes for the customs lady to inspect the content. We didn't need my duct tape, though - she had tape to tape them back up. Amazingly fast and easy process going through. We paid $254 extra to ship the bikes to Paris. No charge for the packing boxes.
Unfortunately, we weren't able to check our boxes all the way through to Paris. If the connecting flight is on a different calendar day, you need to collect your baggage and take it with you. DANG! We are seriously considering leaving our bikes behind in Europe when we come home. I should have planned the Iceland stopover for the return trip. It would have made things a lot simpler if we didn't have to deal with the bikes on the stopover.
Doug drove us to the airport in his pickup. He decided at the last minute to come visit for our last week at home. It worked out really well. I wasn't sure how we'd get all of that big stuff to the airport. I looked into taxis, but there just aren't really any that are big enough. I asked Colleen to drive us, but when I looked at her truck, and compared to our enormous bike boxes, I knew we wouldn't be able to make everything fit. I ended up reserving a rental truck and enlisted Colleen to help. We were going to load up the truck, go to the airport, and Colleen was going to return the rental truck. It was going to cost about $120 or $130 since both of us would have to be on the rental agreement and insurance. It was a whole lot simpler having Doug there to take us! Saved a bunch of $dough$ and a bunch of hassle. And still had lunch with Colleen anyway. :)
The boxes that we used for packing are:
- Cardboard bike boxes from any bike store. They're thrilled to give them away - just go in and ask.
- "Large" size moving boxes - they're the exact dimensions that airlines allow before they're considered oversized

We re-inforced the bikes inside the boxes using some old throw-away towels, and Styrofoam inserts saved from computer boxes.