Epic European Cycle : 2015-05-19 : La Véloscénie to Beauvoir

Type Name Description Service Provider Cost Kms To Date Total Notes Actions
Cycle La Véloscénie Ducey / Mont-Saint-Michel $0.00 55.00 55.00 Day 10: 32km: Total 427km
Type Name Service Provider Confirmation Location Cost Notes Actions
Hotel Chambres Les Salles Booking.com Beauvoir $69.00 Fantastic stay! We felt so welcome!
The room was small but nice and comfortable. Great bathroom with a fantastic shower. The absolute highlight, though, was the breakfast provided by Joel. In addition to some fruit, yogurt and cheese, he had wonderful homemade pastries, and homemade jams and marmalade (I particularly enjoyed the rhubarb). He is a fantastic host.

Trip Log

Notes Actions
I miss my rug bread! Brent and I have not bought Volkenbrot at home, but since we found it in Iceland we've been buying it and having it pretty much every day. A few days ago, we stopped being able to find it. We think we've just gone too far west (away from Germany). We've left the Volkenbrot coverage area! I'm looking forward to heading east again and finding some more.
Thankfully we didn't get thundershowers today like they were calling for, but I did climb the neverending 25km wind hill from Ducey to Beauvoir. It was supposed to be longer thsn that, but at one point, during the never ending wind hill, there was a sign for Mont St Michel for cars, this way, 9km, and a sign for Mont St Michel for bikes, that way, 18km, so, being the savvy cyclist that I am, I suggested taking the car route and shaving 10km off the wind hill. I'm sure the bike route would have been more scenic, but at that point I really didn't care. As soon as we got to town, a wind and rain storm blew in, but it only lasted about an hour.
Seeing Mont St Michel from a distance is quite the sight. The coastal countryside is very very flat plain, and for miles around you can see the Mont jutting up into the sky. We're both really excited about going there tomorrow to check it out up close.
We had to kill some time before we could check into our B&B so we had a glass of wine, adjusted our plan for the upcoming couple weeks, and went to Alligator Bay to see all the reptiles.
Almost without exception we have been having great experiences with the people of France. I haven't found anyone to be rude, in fact, everyone is so friendly and nice that I can't really imagine where the rudeness reputation came from. Even the "exceptions" aren't awful... just "less nice". I am really liking it here, and the people are one of the main things that make it enjoyable. Yay for France!
Map of first leg of trip: Paris to Beauvoir (near Mont St. Michel)