Loire a Velo with Friends : 2019-06-01 : Head to France

Type Name Description Service Provider Cost Notes Actions
General Info Get to the airport - RnB Tannis driving us $0.00
Travel Resource Registration of Canadian Abroad Government of Canada $0.00
Type Name Service Provider Origin Destination Cost Notes Actions
Flight Laura Flight Details Air Transat Vancouver YVR Paris CDG $0.00 TS 408, arriving CDG Sun, 02 Jun 2019, 08:50
Flight Ann Flight Details WestJet Calgary YYC Paris CDG $0.00 WS 80, YYC->YHZ->CDG arriving June 2, 10AM
Flight Brent & Rhonda Flight Details WestJet Edmonton YEG Paris CDG $1637.56 Cost is for two people, round trip
WJ 316 YEG -> YHZ at 8AM. WJ 80 YHZ -> CDG at 10:55PM, arr CDG 10AM
Per customer service rep Monica on 2019-01-11, you do not have to call WestJet ahead of time to reserve for the bicycles.
Flight Geoff & Lynn Travel Details Calgary YYC Paris CDG $0.00 Geoff & Lynn are actually leaving Calgary on Friday May 31.
Type Name Description Service Provider Cost Notes Actions
Other Bike transport Extra bags - $100
Bicycles - $100
WestJet $100.00

Trip Log

Notes Actions
Brent and I got up at 1am today. I’ve been slowly moving my body clock up so that I’ll have an easier transition to France time when we get there. Brent had thought about maybe doing an all-nighter, but then instead slept for a few hours and got up with me at 1. We had a leisurely breakfast and did some last-minute prep and cleaning. Tannis showed up, as planned, at 4am to take us to the airport. Previously our stuff boxes have gone on the belt with other luggage at the airport, and only the bikes had to go to the oversized screening, but today they made us put everything through oversized. Not sure why. They weren’t oversized and nothing was overweight.

checking in was amazingly easy and pain-free, so... we ended up having LOADS of time waiting around at YEG before our first flight. The flight to Halifax was only about four hours, but it was kind of tough because we were both struggling to stay awake. We planned to connect through Halifax so that we could connect with Ann, and that resulted in us having a seven-hour layover at the Halifax airport. We walked some ‘laps’ of the very small terminal, had dinner and some drinks. In the interest of maintaining my body clock momentum, I commenced with napping at around 7pm Halifax time and got about 1 or 1.5 hours of sleep before Ann showed up on her flight from Calgary.

The flight to Paris was about six hours, and Brent and I slept through pretty much the whole thing. We arrived in Paris at about 10AM on June 2nd, and so far no one feels completely wretched - we’re all doing pretty good.