Loire a Velo with Friends : 2018-06-18 : Mandatory Pre-Trip Night Before

Type Name Description Service Provider Cost Notes Actions
General Info Route Map $0.00 I chose this route because it afforded a nice do-able number of kilometers per day, with a rest stop in a town partway through. This is the closest I could find to the reality of touring in Europe, where there's a little town every few kilometers. In hindsight, I realize that the section from Sylvan to Bentley is NOT ideal because of the heavy traffic (including large trucks) on Highway 20. If I did a trip like this again, I'd just go back and forth from one side of Gull to the other.
Type Name Service Provider Confirmation Location Cost Notes Actions
Camp Jarvis Bay Sylvan Lake $292.00 Cost for 10 people

Trip Log

Notes Actions
Laura and I have been planning a beginner self-supported cycle tour along the Loire Valley in France ever since our tour in Germany in 2017. We have ten riders for the mandatory pre-trip... I guess we'll see how many we get for the actual trip!

Tonight we convened at Jarvis Bay Campground at Sylvan Lake and camped overnight. Jarvis Bay was gracious enough to let us leave our vehicles in their parking lot while we do our tour. Yay for Jarvis Bay!