Loire a Velo with Friends : 2019-05-02 : Re-Arranging Flights Home

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When we were initially booking our flights, Ann chose a specific flight from Calgary, connecting through Halifax, because it was the same flight number (her bike wouldn't have to come off the plane and get back on the plane). Brent and I didn't have that kind of an option from Edmonton, so, since connecting onto Ann's plane in Halifax was an option, we chose that option. Return was the same way.

Turned out that our flights (specifically our return from Paris to Halifax) were affected by the global grounding of the Boeing 737 MAX 8 planes - WestJet has suspended all flights between Halifax and Paris, effective June 3.

Ann called WestJet right away (a few days ago) and they said we'd be contacted in turn for a resolution. I vowed to be patient.

Today I checked the WestJet web site and my flight from Paris to Halifax was missing, and the web site said "all affected customers have been re-accommodated". Well, I haven't been re-accommodated! So, my patience ran out, and I called WestJet to find out what was going on.

I spoke with a lovely customer service rep who assured me that we would get a resolution, but they were working their way through everyone according to how soon their flights were. I told her that we were going on a cycle tour and I wouldn't be able to deal with resolving the flights after we'd left at the beginning of June. She said they were figuring out how to get everyone to Halifax without having to come all the way to Calgary to get there. I said... wait a minute... there's no reason for us to go to Halifax - our final destination is Edmonton (and our friend is Calgary).

She put me on hold and came back momentarily to say that she could put Brent and me on "Flight 3" direct from Paris to Calgary on July 1st and then a connecting flight from Calgary to Edmonton, arriving YEG at about 9:30PM. I told her that we'd be traveling with our bicycles, and I was concerned about our bikes being able to get on the flight at Calgary because the planes they use for that short commuter flight are often very small. She went away and came back again, having moved us onto a larger plane, arriving YEG at about 9:45PM. I gave her a "Hero Cookie" for all of her assistance.

I told Ann about everything, and Ann called them and got booked onto "Flight 3" on July 1 as well. I booked the three of us an extra night at the hotel in Paris. Our "Room for Four" wasn't available for the extra night, so I booked us a "Room for Three", so the three of us will have to change rooms once Laura has vacated.

I'm glad to have this little hiccup resolved... and I'm glad it doesn't involve me riding in a MAX 8 aircraft! If/when they go back into service, I'm not sure I'd want to be one of the first people riding on one.