Epic European Cycle : 2015-06-11 : Main Radweg Cycle Route to Frankfurt

Type Name Description Service Provider Cost Kms To Date Total Notes Actions
Cycle Main Radweg Cycle Route to Frankfurt $0.00 48.00 48.00 Day 29: 47km: Total 1264km
Type Name Service Provider Confirmation Location Cost Notes Actions
Bed and Breakfast Jessica Tyerman Air BnB Frankfurt $175.00 2 nights. $87.50/night
Fantastic property - very comfortable and spacious. Jessica is a fantastic host. I would definitely stay here again and would definitely recommend.

Trip Log

Notes Actions
Today is the first day of "taking care of business" in Frankfurt. First, we had to ride from Mainz to Frankfurt, which took us under the flight path of all the aircraft landing in Frankfurt. That was pretty cool. We were due to meet our hostess, Jessica, at 5:30, and we arrived in Frankfurt early enough to set up our bike storage at My Place, which worked out great. Now I'm getting a head start on our other Frankfurt chores. Brent has secured us accommodation right at Trinity College in Dublin for our first three nights in Ireland. COOL!
Brent and I are a really great "getting places" team. Today was the second time that we used Google Maps, in our own ways, making our own notes, to find our way to where we're meeting our B&B hostess for the night. In spite of Frankfurt being a typical European city (really stinkin' hard to find your way around in), we found our way all the way to the Metro station we were meeting Jessica at. When we were one station away, we stopped at an Esso and bought a Frankfurt street map, which we'll use for other errands while we're here, but we managed to find our way all the way in just with a few scribbles on a couple pieces of paper, a couple of snapshots from Google Maps, and what was in our brains.
Today was our 29th day cycling since leaving Canada. For the first time, our leg muscles didn't whinge when we set out after a break. We've finally reached the zone, and now we're done for five weeks. Brent says we're just going to let ourselves get out of shape again so that Laura and Gabi can catch up when we meet for the Danube Cycle Trail. We just give and give that way.
Boy oh boy... cycle touring is stinky business. My cycle gloves have been foul, and even though I just washed them a few days ago, today I ended up with Molly Hands again. Brent told me that years ago he had a female co-worker (named Molly) who used rubber gloves to protect her hands while doing her job, which involved working in sand in the rain. Apparently her hands got to stink so badly that it took two days for them to stop stinking after she stopped wearing the gloves.