Epic European Cycle : 2015-06-17 : Train to Killarney

Type Name Service Provider Origin Destination Cost Notes Actions
Train To Killarney Irish Rail Dublin Heuston Killarney $110.00 Outward: 17 Jun 2015
Departing: Dublin Heuston 11:00
Arriving: Mallow 13:13

Outward: 17 Jun 2015
Departing: Mallow 13:20
Arriving: Killarney 14:16
Type Name Service Provider Confirmation Location Cost Notes Actions
Hostel Paddy's Palace Hostel World Killarney $120.00 2 nights. $60/night. Incl breakfast.
Real dumpy hostel. Poorly maintained, lumpiest bed ever. Disinterested staff.

Trip Log

Notes Actions
We left Dublin and it was raining... it was kind of raining everywhere today, even though it wasn't really supposed to be. The train ride was uneventful (except for Brent's backpack falling off the storage rack and only a woman sitting across the aisle... eep). We had been planning on going to a campground, but since it was raining, we grabbed some brochures at tourist info and went to the pub across the street to ponder our options. It was there that we met up with Donal, the town "mooch". We had a good yak with him and bought him a couple of beers. I popped across the street to use the WiFi at tourist info to book us into a hostel. I booked us into Paddy's Palace, the only place available for the night. Turned out Donal was staying there as well, so we bought more beers and he made us spaghetti.
From Brent: "After 3 nights in Dublin we headed for the west coast and Killarney. The train trip took a good deal of the day and was a bit stressful at our one transfer. We had only 7 minutes to get off the first train, find and get onto the second train. And the trains here run on time. No waiting. There were a lot of people transferring at Mallow so we basically followed the crowd and turned out fine. I shoved my pack into the overhear shelf and we got underway. I didn't do a very good job and a few minutes down the track my pack fell out and landed square on my head, it rolled off and brushed the arm of the lady across the isle on its way to the floor. From her reaction you would have thought that she had been shot. She kept on checking herself for damage. "