Romantische Straße and the Mittelrhein

Category Type Name/Description Notes Cost Origin Destination Kms To Date Total
2017-05-28 : Exploring Alternatives
Tip General Info Bodensee-Konigssee Radweg

here's something for us to consider before we leave Fussen:
Bodensee-Konigssee Radweg. It goes through Fussen (east to west) and basically follows along the northern edge of the Alps. We could do some more riding along the Alps before (or instead of) heading off to Cologne. $0.00
Tip General Info Fussen Forecast

Alternate itinerary suggestion
I've been monitoring weather forecasts for Germany:


Have a look at the forecasts for Fussen and Cologne. It looks like they expect Fussen to be socked in with rain for almost the whole month, but particularly at the time that we're planning to be there (according to the current itinerary). Cologne looks much more promising.

My suggestion is that, if this hasn't changed by June 2nd when we are leaving Frankfurt, we might want to head west to Mainz and north to Cologne first rather than saving that for the end of the trip. Once we reach Cologne we can re-assess and figure out what we want to do. We might train to Fussen (or someplace else along that Alps route I found) and cycle back to Frankfurt. Or we might train to Frankfurt and ride to Fusen. Or we might save the Alps for another trip and go someplace that isn't going to be completely soggy. We have lots and lots of options.

Just in case we need an alternative, here's what I've come up with. There are a couple of good routes that are accessible from the Rhine, the Moselle Cycle Route and the Ruhr Valley. I got those from the "Top 10 Cycle Routes in Germany" list, so I think they're pretty promising.

Three more from that "Top 10" list are in the north of Germany, which can be our "backup to the backup". They are the Ems, Elbe and Weser routes. If we decide that we want to do that (i.e., if the weather around Cologne turns for shit), we could do something like the Ems northbound and then the Weser southbound or something.
2017-05-29 : Airport Transport / Bike Rental
Tip General Info Alamo Canceled

Canceled Alamo this morning. Plan A or Plan B should work.
Tip To Do Confirm Transport

Plan A: Doug coming from Vancouver on May 29 and driving us to the airport.
Plan B: Michel picking us up at 5AM on Thursday to drive us to the airport.
Plan C: Alamo pickup rental.
Service Rental Bike Rental from Frankfurt
Phoned them on 2017-05-31. Sadly, the bikes cannot accommodate a front pannier rack so I can't rent a bike for this trip. $0.00
Service Rental Frankfurt Bike Tour (Bike Rental)

Rent a bike instead of taking Dewie?
thank you for your inquiry. We would be happy to support your European bike trip with our bikes. As you have maybe already seen, all our bikes are based on this model:

We would for sure provide you one fitting to your body height. What WON’t be possible, is to put a front pannier, since our bikes aren’t provided with a frontal rack.

We can for sure provide you a handlebar bag and back panniers as well. Here a link to get an Idea of the model:

To directly answer your questions:
1) Do you have a bike available from June 2nd to June 29th?
Yes, we do!
2) If so, how much would the rental cost?
The Bike will cost you € 239,00
3) Is it ok if I put a front pannier rack on the bicycle?
As already mentioned, unfortunately it’s not possible.
4) Anything else I would need to know before renting a bike with you?
The panniers are included in the price, together with a reparation kit.

For sure feel free to contact us for further questions, we will be happy to help you.

Julia Ciarrocchi
terranova & RadTouren Teufel
Zimmermann Touristik KG
Martin-May-Str. 7
60594 Frankfurt a.M.
Tel.: +49

Thank you Julia.

I want to clarify re: the luggage. I would want to bring all my own luggage:
- Rear panniers. I believe my panniers would fit just fine on the pannier rack that you provide. Here are photos of what they are like:
--- Two bags, front view:
--- One bag, rear view:
- Front pannier rack
- Front panniers (similar to the ones in the pic above)
- Handlebar bag

Here's a picture of my rig from my last cycle tour (front/blue bike):

€ 239,00 is fine and it looks like you are in a convenient location for me to collect the bike from the Frankfurt International Airport. Would I come to Martin-May-Str. 7, 60594 Frankfurt a.M to get the bike? What time do you open? I arrive at 8:35AM on June 2. How would I pay for the bike? Do you require pre-payment, or do I pay when I get the bike?

Thanks for all your help.
2017-05-30 : Packing Day
No entry found!
2017-05-31 : Planning and Prep
Tip Accommodation Resource Campingplatz Willinger Tal
Tip Accommodation Resource Campingplätze am Main Radweg
Tip Accommodation Resource Campsites and Hostels - Mileage Chart
Main Radweg (Bikeline, P119-P81)
0 - H - Frankfurt
? - I - Offenbach
9 - C - Fechenheim
11 - C - Rumpenheim
21 - CI - Hanau
30 - C - Klein-Krotzenburg
32 - C - Kimmelsteich
? - I - Seligenstadt
? - I - Aschaffenburg
45 - C - Mainaschaff
55 - C - Mainflingen
65 - CI - Obernburg
75 - CI - Worth am Main
77 - CI - Klingenberg
83 - CI - GroSheubach
90 - CI - Miltenberg
? - I - Burgstadt
97 - C - Freudenberg
100 - C - Collenberg
120 - HI - Wertheim
125 - C - Urphar
130 - C - Bettingen
? - C - Kreuzwertheim
135 - CI - Lengfurt
? - I - Marktheidenfeld
? - C - Zimmern
160 - CHI - Lohr am Main
? - C - Hofstetten
175 - CI - Gemunden
? - C - Muhlbach
? Karlstadt am Main
205 - C - Zellingen
220 - CW - Würzburg
Rest Day in Würzburg

Romantische Strasse
0 - CH - Würzburg
? Tauberbischofsheim
? Lauda-Königshofen
60+4 - Campingplatz Willinger Tal south of Bad Mergentheim. See map
? W Bad Mergentheim
74 - HW - Weikersheim
+5? - C - Laudenbach outside of Weikersheim
? Röttingen
93 - H - Creglingen
+10? - C - Munster outside of Creglingen
105 - C - Detwang
110 - HW - Rothenburg
125 - C - Schillingsfurst
144 - H - Feuchtwangen
172 - CH - Dinkelsbuhl
202 - IB - Wallerstein
208 - I/BW - Nordlingen
Rest Day in Nordlingen
? Harburg
? Donauwörth
244 - ZH - Riedlingen
268 - IB - Rain
278 - C - Eggelstetten west of Oberndorf
319 - C - East of Gersthafen
321 - HW - Augsburg
? Friedberg
? Kaufering
? W Landsberg am Lech
407 - C - 3km s of Landsburg
435 - C - Rottenbuch
? Steingaden
? Wieskirche
? Neuschwanstein Castle
456 - C - 5km before Füssen
458 - C - 3km before Füssen
461 - HW - Füssen
465 - C - 4km nw of Fussen on other side of lake at Fischerbichl
468 - C - 7km n of Fussen on other side of lake at Osterreinen
471 - C - 10km n of Fussen on other side of lake at Rosshaupten

Number: Kilometers from origin (Frankfurt or Würzburg)
Z: Zeltplatz
C: Campingplatz
H: Hostel
I: Information
B: BnB or Hotel
W: Waschsalon

Bold: Tentative stop
Tip Accommodation Resource Romantic Road Camping
Tip Accommodation Resource Wurzburg Camping
Tip General Info Bikeline Main Radweg
Tip General Info Bikeline Rhein-Radweg Teil 3
Tip General Info Bikeline Romantische Str
Tip General Info Castles on the Rhine
Tip General Info EV15: Rhine Route
Tip General Info Itinerary with Rhine
Frankfurt to Wurzburg: 220km
Wurzburg to Fussen: 480km
Cologne to Frankfurt: 240km

2 - Begin cycling
6 - Arrive Wurzburg
7 - Rest Day

8-18 Cycle to Fussen (11 days, 500km)
13th: Rest day

If we don't reach Fussen by 20th (to take the train to Cologne on the 21st), we should adjust the plan.

20 - train from Fussen - comfortable option
21 - train from Fussen - good option
22 - train from Fussen - tight option

22-27 Cycle Cologne to Frankfurt (this is six days... we should only need five)
Tip General Info Legendary Rhine Romantic Route
Tip General Info Rhine Route
Tip General Info Romantic Road
Tip General Info Romantic Road
Tip General Info Route Map

575 km
Tip General Info Route Map - Return

455 km
I posted a couple of route maps to DAMDetails and Facebook. We can easily cut off that big northern elbow on our return trip, going directly from Weikersheim to Frankfurt instead of back up to Wurzburg and north along the Main river.
So, our trip out will be 575km but our return will only be 455km (knocking off a whopping 120km for a total of 1030km) which makes me a LOT more comfortable with riding the whole thing.
Tip General Info Route Map - Return Short Cut Detail
Tip General Info Waschsalons

List of waschsalons along the Romantische Str, and in Kelsterbach
SB-Waschsalon - Wäscherei
Annastraße 13A, Würzburg

Bad Mergentheim
Michael Czeke und Jola Wendland GdbR
Wilhelm-Frank-Straße 64, 97980 Bad Mergentheim, Germany

Wäscherei Haußmann (laundry service)
Hauptstraße 19, 97990 Weikersheim, Germany

Rothenburg ob der Tauber
Klaus Then
Johannitergasse 9, 91541 Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany

Textilpflege Paris
Deininger Str. 5, 86720 Nördlingen, Germany

Augsburg - several,+Germany/@48.363276,10.9155673,13z

Landsberg - two,+Germany/@48.0606141,10.8538792,15z

Reinigung-Wäscherei Krüger GmbH
Hiebelerstraße 19, 87629 Füssen, Germany

Textilpflege Nowak e.K.
Ringstraße 1, 65451 Kelsterbach, Germany
Tip General Info Waschsalons - Rhine

List of Waschsalons along the Rhine
Mainz: Waschsalon Eco-Express
Boppstraße 36, 55118 Mainz, Germany

Mainz: Eco-Express SB-Waschsalon
Parcusstraße, 55116 Mainz, Germany

Mainz: Waschsalon Eco-Express
Rheinstraße 15, 55116 Mainz, Germany

Wiesbaden: Eco-Express
Str. der Republik 4, 65203 Wiesbaden, Germany

Rudesheim: Waschsalon Rinku Kapoor
Grabenstraße 12, 65385 Rüdesheim am Rhein

Neuwied: Waschsalon
Heddesdorfer Str. 49, 56564 Neuwied

Bonn: SB Waschsalon
Bonner Str. 27, 53173 Bonn

Bonn: Wasch-Salon
Konrad-Adenauer-Platz 27, 53225 Bonn

Bonn: Eco-Express
Argelanderstraße 141, 53115 Bonn

Bonn: Eco-Express
Franzstraße 1, 53111 Bonn

Cologne: Der Wasch-Bar
Am Krumfingers Hof 7, 51149 Köln
Tip General Info Ways to get back to Frankfurt
I've been looking into some options to return from Fussen to Frankfurt in case we haven't the time or inclination to ride the whole way.

Here's the page for the Romantic Road Coach, which looks like a fantastic way to get back if we're just flat out of time:

If you look at our planning page, here: have a look for "Train Map", which is a screen shot of a larger map.

You'll see Frankfurt up in the top-left, and Fussen near the bottom, off-center to the right.

It looks like Augsburg would be an opportunity for us to:
1) Retrace from Fussen to Augsburg
2) Catch a train back to Frankfurt
if that's what we would like to do

Alternately, I'm thinking if we have a bit more time, we could take a train from Fussen to Munchen (maybe stop and check it out!), and then to Regensburg (cut off the map on the right-hand side). We could then cycle from Regensburg to Ulm, reversing part of our trip from 2015. It might look something like this:
  1. Regensburg - Bad Abbach 45km.
    Campingplatz Freizeitinsel (the schmancy one)
  2. Bad Abbach - Bad Gogging 26km
    Campingplatz Felbermuhle (where we wilted... between towns)
  3. Bad Gogging - Neuberg 59km
    Campingplatz des DRC (where the tractor campers were)
  4. Neuberg - Donauworth 42km
    Goldener Greifen BnB (because of rain, we gave up on the Campingplatz)
  5. Donauworth - Dillingen 42km
    Donau Camping
  6. Dillingen - Ulm 64km
    Hotel Anker

I would love to visit Regensburg again and go to that amazing map store, and it would be nice to see Ulm again - it was pretty amazing.
Tip Handy Bike Bags

Also, in case Brent wants to see the bike bags I was talking about (the video for the “tardis” model is hilarious, it starts with a guy in the bag).
Tip Handy Train Map
Tip Handy Train Map - Rhine
Tip Other Helmet Covers
Tip To Do Call AC to register bikes
We don't have to call back within 24 hours of the flight, but she said we DO have to re-register the bikes if we ever receive a notification of a flight change.

Call Air Canada within 24-hours to register bikes:

Notes for packing:
No air in tires, take off pedals
Hard side container
Max wt 70lb
115" dimensions

$50 fee for bicycle handling
$100 fee for second piece of luggage
Tip Travel Resource DB Bahn - Trains
Tip Travel Resource Interrail Train Map
Tip Travel Resource Romantic Road Coach

Coach from Fussen to Frankfurt
Make reservation 2+ days ahead of time per e-mail from Daniel $0.00
Travel Flight Lufthansa
2016-06-05 RJS: Rome2Rio says that Lufthansa flies between here (both Edmonton and Calgary) and Frankfurt and I've checked on Lufthansa's web site and they still require that bicycles NOT be packed so a bike bag (or box) may be a moot point.
2016-06-05 LW: For the Lufthansa thing - a word of warning. If you get on a flight that is an Air Canada flight officially but a Lufthansa co-chair, you are bound by Air Canada’s rules. It’s a bit tricky, or can be. I might still bring along the lightweight bike bag as insurance!
$0.00 Alberta - Cgy or Edm Frankfurt
Travel Vehicle Alamo Rental Truck
$97.53 YEG YEG
Activity Cycle Itinerary Draft
Frankfurt -> Wurzburg via Main Radweg: 130km
Romantic Road -> Fussen 424km
Total one-way: 555km

Brent and I talked about "zooming" to Fussen, and then "dawdling" back. That way we can scout things out on our way to Fussen and decide which places we want to spend more time in on the way back.

If we do the total round trip, it's 1110km. If we cycle 20 days, that's an average of 55km/day. I think that's do-able, but if it turns out not to be, we always have the option of using the train to make up time.
$0.00 0.00 0.00
2017-06-01 : Fly to Germany
Tip General Info Polarsteps Trip

Loaded in 2023 - tracking feature not used
Travel Flight Brent & Rhonda from YEG
AC 332 depart YEG 7:40AM, arr YUL 1:36PM
AC 874 depart YUL 7:20 PM, arr FRA 8:20 AM (June 2)
$2200.00 YEG FRA
Travel Flight Laura from YYC
AC 844 depart YYC 05:50 pm, arr FRA 10:55 am (June 2) $0.00 YYC FRA
Service Other Baggage Fees

$50/ea for second piece of luggage and $100/ea for bicycle.
2017-06-02 : To Rumpenheim
Tip Reminder Air France - Bike boxes?

While Brent and Laura assemble bicycles, Rhonda will check with Air France to see about bike boxes.
Activity Cycle Airport to Main Radweg
$0.00 0.00 0.00
Activity Cycle Frankfurt Airport to Rumpenheim

Today: 26km; Total: 26km
$0.00 26.00 26.00
Accommodation Camp Burgel Campingplatz
$20.00 Burgel
2017-06-03 : To Aschaffenburg
Activity Cycle Rumpenheim to Aschaffenburg

Today: 46km; Total: 72km
$0.00 46.00 72.00
Activity Sight See Aschaffenburg
Activity Sight See Park Schöntal, Aschaffenburg
Activity Sight See Seligenstadt
Accommodation Hotel Hotel Wilder Mann
Incl breakfast $135.00
2017-06-04 : To Bettingen - 90km Day
Activity Cycle Aschaffenberg to Bettingen

Today: 90km; Total: 162km
$0.00 90.00 162.00
Activity Sight See MIltenberg
Activity Sight See Wertheim
Accommodation Camp Campingpark Wertheim-Bettingen
2017-06-05 : To Karlstadt via The Great Detour **PUBLIC HOLIDAY
Activity Cycle Bettingen to Karlstadt

Today: 68km; Total: 230km
$0.00 68.00 230.00
Activity Sight See Lohr am Main
Activity Sight See The Real Snow White (Lohr)
Accommodation Camp Campingplatz Karlstadt
2017-06-06 : To Würzburg (a.k.a. our "rest day")
Activity Cycle Karlstadt to Würzburg

Today: 32km; Total: 262km
$0.00 32.00 262.00
Activity Other Hugendubel (Book store)
Activity Sight See Karlstadt
Activity Sight See Marienberg Fortress
Activity Sight See Würzburg
Accommodation Pension Pension Siegel
2017-06-07 : To Tauberbischofsheim, the Lesser Detour and Relentless Wind
Activity Cycle Würzburg to Tauberbischofsheim

Today: 43km; Total: 305km
$0.00 43.00 305.00
Activity Sight See Tauberbischofsheim
Activity Sight See Würzburg Residence
Accommodation Pension Hotel am Schloss
Incl breakfast $88.50
2017-06-08 : To Detwang
Activity Cycle Tauberbischofsheim to Detwang

Today: 70km; Total: 375km
$0.00 70.00 375.00
Activity Sight See Bad Mergentheim
Activity Sight See Creglingen
Activity Sight See Weikersheim
Accommodation Camp Campingplatz Tauber-Idyll
2017-06-09 : To Schillingsfurst
Activity Cycle Detwang to Schillingsfurst

Today: 20km; Total: 395km
$0.00 20.00 395.00
Activity Sight See Rothenburg ob der Tauber
Accommodation Camp Campingplatz Frankenhohe
2017-06-10 : To Nordlingen
Activity Cycle Schillingsfurst to Nordlingen

Today: 71km; Total: 466km
$0.00 71.00 466.00
Activity Sight See Dinkelsbühl
Accommodation Pension Hotel Garni Kirchenwirt am Daniel
2017-06-11 : To Donauworth
Activity Cycle Nordlingen to Donauworth

Today: 44km; Total: 510km
$0.00 44.00 510.00
Activity Sight See Donauwörth
Activity Sight See Harburg
Accommodation Camp Kanu Club Donauworth
2017-06-12 : To Eggelstetten (near Oberndorf)
Activity Cycle Donauworth to Eggelstetten

Today: 45km; Total: 555km
$0.00 45.00 555.00
Accommodation Camp Donau-Lech Camping
2017-06-13 : To Gerstofen (outside of Augsburg)
Activity Cycle Eggelstetten to Gersthofen

Today: 48km; Total: 603km
$0.00 48.00 603.00
Accommodation Camp Campingplatz Bella Augusta
Two nights $63.00
2017-06-14 : "Rest Day" in Augsburg
Activity Cycle To Augsburg and Back from Campingplatz

Today: 18km; Total: 621km
$0.00 18.00 621.00
Activity Sight See Augsburg
Activity Sight See Golden Hall in Augsburg Rathaus
Activity Sight See Maximilian Museum
Activity Sight See St. Anne's Church
Activity Sight See The Fuggerei

The Fuggerei is the world's oldest social housing complex still in use.
The rent was and is still one Rheinischer Gulden per year (equivalent to 0.88 euros), as well as three daily prayers for the current owners of the Fuggerei — the Lord's Prayer, Hail Mary, and the Nicene Creed. The conditions to live there remain the same as they were 480 years ago: one must have lived at least two years in Augsburg, be of the Catholic faith and have become indigent without debt. $0.00
Accommodation Camp
Campingplatz Bella Augusta
2017-06-15 : To Landsberg am Lech *PUBLIC HOLIDAY
Activity Cycle Gerstofen to Landsberg am Lech

Today: 60km; Total: 681km
$0.00 60.00 681.00
Activity Sight See Kaufering
Activity Sight See Landsberg am Lech
Accommodation Camp Campingplatz Landsberg am Lech
2017-06-16 : To Rottenbuch
Activity Cycle Landsberg am Lech to Rottenbuch

Today: 51km; Total: 732km
$0.00 51.00 732.00
Accommodation Camp Campingplatz am Richterbichl
2017-06-17 : To Füssen
Activity Cycle Rottenbuch to Füssen

Today: 45km; Total: 777km
$0.00 45.00 777.00
Activity Sight See Füssen
Activity Sight See Wiesekirche

Unesco World Heritage Site
Accommodation Camp Camping Brunnen Schwangau
Four nights $160.00
2017-06-18 : Schlösser!
Activity Cycle To and from things we did

Today: 26km; Total: 803km
$0.00 26.00 803.00
Activity Sight See Hohenschwangau Castle
Activity Sight See Museum of the Bavarian Kings
Activity Sight See Neuschwanstein Castle
Accommodation Camp
Camping Brunnen Schwangau
2017-06-19 : Forggensee and Cable Car
Activity Cycle To stuff, and Forggensee Lake

Today: 49km; Total: 852km
$0.00 49.00 852.00
Activity Other Tegelberg Cable Car
Activity Sight See Forggensee
Accommodation Camp
Camping Brunnen Schwangau
2017-06-20 : Day trip to Innsbruck
Travel Bus Innsbruck back to Füssen
Travel Train Bus and Train to Innsbruck
Activity Cycle Between Campingplatz and Fussen

Today: 12km; Total: 864km
$0.00 12.00 864.00
Activity Sight See Hofgarten
Activity Sight See Innsbruck
Accommodation Camp
Camping Brunnen Schwangau
2017-06-21 : Train to Köln (Cologne)
Travel Train To Köln
Activity Cycle To Fussen, then Koln Campingplatz

Today: 13km; Total: 877km
$0.00 13.00 877.00
Accommodation Camp Campingplatz Stadt Köln
Two nights $65.00
2017-06-22 : Day in Köln
Activity Cycle Between Koln and Campingplatz

Today: 19km; Total: 896km
$0.00 19.00 896.00
Activity Sight See Römisch-Germanisches Museum
Activity Sight See Schokoladen Museum
34.5 $0.00
Accommodation Camp
Campingplatz Stadt Köln
2017-06-23 : To Remagen
Activity Cycle To Remagen

Today: 62km; Total: 958km
$0.00 62.00 958.00
Accommodation Camp Campingplatz Goldene Meile
2017-06-24 : To Koblenz
Activity Cycle To Koblenz

Today: 56km; Total: 1014km
$0.00 56.00 1014.00
Activity Sight See Andernach
Activity Sight See Ehrenbreitstein Forstress
Activity Sight See Koblenz
Accommodation Camp Campground Rhein-Mosel
2017-06-25 : To Bacharach
Activity Cycle Tal to Tal
$0.00 0.00 1014.00
Activity Cycle To Bacharach

Today: 54km; Total: 1068km
$0.00 54.00 1068.00
Activity Sight See Boppard
Activity Sight See Sankt Goar (St. Goar)
Activity Sight See The Lorelei
Accommodation Camp Campingplatz Sonnenstrand
2017-06-26 : To Wiesbaden
Activity Cycle To Wiesbaden

Today: 54km; Total: 1122km
$0.00 54.00 1122.00
Activity Sight See Bingen am Rhein
Accommodation Camp Campingplatz Maarau
2017-06-27 : Arrive Kelsterbach (Frankfurt)
Tip Reminder Cancel Sixt?

Cancel Sixt if it turns out we're not going to need it. E-mail with link to cancel should come back to inbox. I have NOT paid for the reservation - I chose the "pay later" option.
Activity Cycle To Kelsterbach

Today: 35km; Total: 1157km
$0.00 35.00 1157.00
Accommodation Bed and Breakfast Sascha Room 1
3 Nights for Rhonda & Brent
Host: Sascha
Rüsselsheimer Str. 66 Gebäude, Kelsterbach, Hessen 65451, Germany
+49 176 4369 3569
Map and Directions
Zoom from AirBnB
Photos 1 | Photos 2
$216.00 Kelsterbach
Accommodation Bed and Breakfast Sascha Room 2
3 Nights for Laura
Host: Sascha
Rüsselsheimer Str. 66 Gebäude, Kelsterbach, Hessen 65451, Germany
+49 176 4369 3569
Map and Directions
Zoom from AirBnB
Photos 1 | Photos 2
$187.00 Kelsterbach
2017-06-28 : Unproductive Nightmare Day in Frankfurt
Tip Reminder Hugendubel (Book Store)

Buy cycle touring maps!
Only going to let myself buy maps for the 2019 France trip right now. Any other future trips are so far in the future that any maps I buy now will be out-dated and need replacing. But alas, Hugendubel didn't have any maps for EV6 in France, so I will have to order those online. $0.00
Tip Reminder Phone AC to register bikes

Register bicycles for flight home
Service Other Frankfurt Transit

Group Day Pass, including Flughafen.
Includes Laura $27.00
Accommodation Bed and Breakfast
Sascha Room 1
Accommodation Bed and Breakfast
Sascha Room 2
2017-06-29 : Productive Day in Frankfurt
Service Other Frankfurt Transit

Group Day ticket, including Flughafen
Includes Laura $27.00
Service Rental Rental Truck
Pick up in evening; Sixt doesn't open until 7AM on the 30th.
Conf: 9848558647
Langer Kornweg 46, 65451 Kelsterbach, Germany
Service Storage Bike Boxes from Wrapping Guy

Bike Boxes from the luggage wrapping guy at FRA. Brent & Laura.
DHL dimensions are too small for the bike wheels, so shipping via DHL is out. $75.00
Service Storage FRA Luggage Storage - Bikes

Store two boxed bikes overnight (Brent & Laura)
Service Storage LagerBox

Two wardrobe boxes, three packing boxes, two rolls of tape
Includes Laura $45.00
Accommodation Bed and Breakfast
Sascha Room 1
Accommodation Bed and Breakfast
Sascha Room 2
2017-06-30 : Fly Home
Tip Reminder Return Truck

Sixt opens at 7AM
Maps to airport from Sixt:
Travel Flight Brent & Rhonda to YEG
AC 873 depart FRA 9:20 AM, arr YYZ 11:35 AM
AC 1157 depart YYZ 2:05PM, arr YEG 4:11 PM
$0.00 FRA YEG
Travel Flight Laura to YYC
Lufthansa 6676 depart FRA 9:20 AM, arr YYZ 11:35 AM (same as RnB)
Lufthansa 6782 depart YYZ 12:50 PM, arr YYC 3:05 PM
$0.00 FRA YYC
Travel Vehicle Michel pick-up
Michel picking us up to take us home. He'll wait for me to call him. $0.00