Romantische Stra├če and the Mittelrhein : 2017-06-02 : To Rumpenheim

Type Name Description Service Provider Cost Notes Actions
Reminder Air France - Bike boxes? While Brent and Laura assemble bicycles, Rhonda will check with Air France to see about bike boxes. $0.00
Type Name Description Service Provider Cost Kms To Date Total Notes Actions
Cycle Airport to Main Radweg Brent & Rhonda 2015 $0.00 0.00 0.00
Cycle Frankfurt Airport to Rumpenheim Today: 26km; Total: 26km $0.00 26.00 26.00
Type Name Service Provider Confirmation Location Cost Notes Actions
Camp Burgel Campingplatz Burgel $20.00

Trip Log

Notes Actions
Brent and I didn't sleep worth a hoot on the flight from Montreal to Frankfurt. No particular reason - it just happened that way. And Laura didn't sleep worth a hoot on her flight, either. So, the three of us were the epitome of "dead head" today, with slower reaction times, slower thinking, silly mistakes... etc etc. We rode from the Frankfurt Flughafen and zigzagged our way through some green trails, following the rail line, to get to the Main Radweg. We made the 26 km to the campingplatz we were aiming for, and although we had lots of day left, and all felt like we could have gone further, we opted to stop and give our poor selves a break.

All that being said, I think the consensus is that assembling at the airport and doing a short ride on day 1 was worth it. It seems like the more attractive option compared to trying to haul the baggage to a staging place to assemble.
I bought both the Bikeline book/map and the Kompass map for the Main Radweg to bring on this trip. Before we even left home I'd grown to hate the Bikeline book. Normally they're pretty good, but for some reason, instead of assembling the pages west to east so that the right side of this page lined up with the left side of that page (so the pages would flow logically), they put the pages in east to west so it was a real brain puzzle to follow the map - it just didn't flow logically.

Before Laura arrived at Frankfurt, we met a couple from North Carolina who will be touring the Main for ten weeks. I offered them the Bikeline book (warned them about it being assembled "backwards"). I gave away the bad book before we even left the airport. Hah!