Romantische Stra├če and the Mittelrhein : 2017-06-30 : Fly Home

Type Name Description Service Provider Cost Notes Actions
Reminder Return Truck Sixt opens at 7AM $0.00 Maps to airport from Sixt:
Type Name Service Provider Origin Destination Cost Notes Actions
Flight Brent & Rhonda to YEG Air Canada FRA YEG $0.00 AC 873 depart FRA 9:20 AM, arr YYZ 11:35 AM
AC 1157 depart YYZ 2:05PM, arr YEG 4:11 PM
Flight Laura to YYC Lufthansa / Air Canada FRA YYC $0.00 Lufthansa 6676 depart FRA 9:20 AM, arr YYZ 11:35 AM (same as RnB)
Lufthansa 6782 depart YYZ 12:50 PM, arr YYC 3:05 PM
Vehicle Michel pick-up $0.00 Michel picking us up to take us home. He'll wait for me to call him.

Trip Log

Notes Actions
A city bus running to the airport stops almost right outside the door of where we stayed in Kelsterbach, so we checked the schedule for it. We easily took the bus to the airport, easily picked up Brent and Laura's bikes, and easily checked in and departed.

The universe couldn't let us get away with a completely easy get-away, though... just to add a final little "Kelsterbach" to everything, Laura noticed on the flight to Toronto, that her boarding pass for her connection to Calgary was for 8PM instead of 1PM. That would not be great in any case, but considering she's flying to Winnipeg at 7AM tomorrow, it's particularly crummy.

When we got off in Toronto, she raced to the Air Canada customer service desk and the nice lady there helped her get onto the 1PM plane. She raced to the flight and just barely made it, but apparently her bike didn't. Hopefully she'll be able to get it delivered by AC, although I'm not sure who they'll deliver it to, what with Laura being in Winnipeg.

Brent and I landed in Edmonton just after 4PM. Brent's bike box was upside-down and open, but the bike seems unscathed. Michel picked us up, per the plan, and whisked us home. It was all good.
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