Romantische Straße and the Mittelrhein : 2017-06-07 : To Tauberbischofsheim, the Lesser Detour and Relentless Wind

Type Name Description Service Provider Cost Kms To Date Total Notes Actions
Cycle Würzburg to Tauberbischofsheim Today: 43km; Total: 305km $0.00 43.00 43.00
Sight See Würzburg Residence $0.00
Sight See Tauberbischofsheim $0.00
Type Name Service Provider Confirmation Location Cost Notes Actions
Pension Hotel am Schloss $88.50 Incl breakfast

Trip Log

Notes Actions
A couple days ago we had the "Great Detour". Today we had the "Lesser Detour and Relentless Wind". I wanted to get all the way to the campingplatz outside of Bad Mergentheim today, but it was not to be. Leaving Wurzburg, we made a mistake and missed a turn, climbing up and up into the town of Waldbüttelbrunn. In correcting our mistake, we over-corrected and climbed up into Hochberg before finally making our way onto the proper Radweg.

So, how are we making all these mistakes, you ask? Well, I've been thinking about that. Along the route, sometimes they don't have a detailed route sign. They use generic white signs with a green bicycle on them as supplemental signs to point the way along the route. The problem is that they also use the same generic white signs with a green bicycle on them to mark other routes. So, when we make a mistake, we still end up finding green bicycles to follow and by the time we realize we've made the mistake, we're pretty committed into the mistake.

When we started out this morning, we had some rather brisk wind. Add the "lesser detour", and it took us almost two hours to advance 5km down the official route. Yikes. As we rode today, the wind was howling most of the time, and we had a wicked 16% grade climb after Hochhausen. I called an early stop because I was just too done to go all the way to our daily destination. Instead, we stopped at Tauberbischofsheim and checked into a Pension because the town doesn't have a campingplatz.

Tauberbischofsheim is a great little town and we thoroughly enjoyed exploring it at the end of the day. I was super grateful to not push another 20km through the howling headwind. 20km doesn't normally sound like much, but considering we actually only did 40km today with the hills and wind, another 20 would have been too much for me.