Romantische Straße and the Mittelrhein : 2017-06-09 : To Schillingsfurst

Type Name Description Service Provider Cost Kms To Date Total Notes Actions
Cycle Detwang to Schillingsfurst Today: 20km; Total: 395km $0.00 20.00 20.00
Sight See Rothenburg ob der Tauber $0.00
Type Name Service Provider Confirmation Location Cost Notes Actions
Camp Campingplatz Frankenhohe $21.00

Trip Log

Notes Actions
At the Detwang Campingplatz, Brent got a brochure for Rothenburg. It sounded like a great place to stop and spend some time. We’re all feeling a little fatigued, and the first 20km after Detwang is all uphill… some of it steep. So, we decided to climb the first five km up to Rothenburg and spend a good part of the day there, and then stay at the Campingplatz just beyond Schillingsfurst, riding only 20km for the day.
Rothenburg was a beautiful spot, but quite crowded with tourists. We used Brent’s brochure to give ourselves a walking tour of the town, and then made a visit to the “Crime Museum”, which should have been named the “Unspeakable Torture Museum”. There was some horrific stuff there. But some interesting stuff as well. Who knew that the punishment was so severe for a baker who made a loaf of bread slightly too small?? Laura and I also enjoyed the “Shame Flute”, which was a public shaming device used to punish bad musicians.
Leaving Rothenburg we followed the do-able 3% grade most of the way to Schillingsfurst. The 8% grade at the end was a bit of a grunt, though. The Campingplatz was right out of town and we’re in the great little segregated Zeltplatz surrounded by a fence of trees and (so far) with no neighbors at all. There’s a little shelter with a picnic table and clothes lines, and two power outlets. We’re making ourselves quite comfortable.
After settling in to the Zeltplatz, I went over to the WC. On my way, I cut through an empty camp site and said hello to the people camped beside it. They said hello back, but I thought they sounded quite disapproving, and I wondered if they didn’t appreciate me cutting through the empty lot beside them. On my way back, I was going to cut through the same way again and found that they were busily constructing a fence blocking off the route across the empty lot. Ummmmm… yep, I guess they didn’t like me cutting across. I had to confess to Laura and Brent that I’d committed some kind of heinous social faux-pas within moments of arriving at the place.