Romantische Straße and the Mittelrhein : 2017-06-12 : To Eggelstetten (near Oberndorf)

Type Name Description Service Provider Cost Kms To Date Total Notes Actions
Cycle Donauworth to Eggelstetten Today: 45km; Total: 555km $0.00 45.00 45.00
Type Name Service Provider Confirmation Location Cost Notes Actions
Camp Donau-Lech Camping $28.00

Trip Log

Notes Actions
We sketched out a plan which takes us from Campingplatz to Campingplatz all the way to Fussen. The Campingplatzes are few and far between on the Romantische Str, so this was no easy feat. We’re ahead of schedule, so not in a rush, and decided to aim for the Campingplatz at Eggelstetten, only 30km from Donauworth, but a ways off the main Romantische Str route.

We ended up taking a wrong turn at Rain and did a great little “diversion” involving seeing some of the gardens at Rain, and riding through a hay field… directly through some felled hay. When we discovered that we were on the wrong road, we were several kilometres already in the wrong direction and on the wrong side of the river, so we had to backtrack all the way back to Rain (and the bridge to the other side of the river). On the way back, Brent and I took the opportunity to take a “roll in the hay”.

After correcting our mistake, we easily made it to Oberndorf (the town on the route closest to the Campingplatz) and had lunch in the wonderful Greek restaurant in town, then doubled back to the turnoff for Eggelstetten (and the Campingplatz) for a total of 45km (15 “bonus” kms).

The Campingplatz at Eggelstetten is a real gem. It’s a shame that it’s so far off the official route – Fahrrad Wanderen would love it here. They have an AWESOME Zeltplatz, an excellent common room with WiFi and vending machines, showers, AND washers and dryers. All beside a lovely little pond with kids frolicking in it. I’m so pleased we came here.
Yesterday, Brent discovered that my rear tire is worn just about completely out. He thought he would put his spare tire on it, but it’s very wide and he’d brought the wrong size of tube for it, so even though we have a spare tire, and spare tubes, we don’t have a spare tire and a spare tube that will work with each other. I don’t really want his spare tire anyway as it’s very wide.

Since it was Sunday, there was no point in trying to get to a bike store, but Donauworth has a couple of bike stores so we’d go before leaving town today. Oops. The bike store was open yesterday, so we could have taken care of business yesterday, but it is closed on Mondays so I have to ride to the next bike store. None on our route today, so it’ll hopefully be tomorrow that I find something (before I blow out my tire completely). The bike store did have one of those tub vending machines, though, so at least we were able to pick up a tube that would fit Brent’s spare tire in case worse comes to worst and we NEED to put his spare tire on my bike.