Romantische Straße and the Mittelrhein : 2017-06-22 : Day in Köln

Type Name Description Service Provider Cost Kms To Date Total Notes Actions
Cycle Between Koln and Campingplatz Today: 19km; Total: 896km $0.00 19.00 19.00
Sight See Römisch-Germanisches Museum $19.50
Sight See Schokoladen Museum $0.00 34.5
Type Name Service Provider Confirmation Location Cost Notes Actions
Camp Campingplatz Stadt Köln $65.00 Two nights

Trip Log

Notes Actions
Yesterday, when we got into town, we started making our way to the Campingplatz. As we were crossing the river, Brent was "accosted" by a cyclist (Hans) who wanted to chat. He had just finished his own tour through Belgium, France and Spain. He's a walking tour guide in Köln. He escorted us most of the way to the Campingplatz and when we told him we were spending today in Köln, he asked if we wanted a tour. We said yep.

Today we met up with him at 9AM for our tour. He showed us all kinds of awesome stuff around Köln and told us about the 4km underground parking lot, the “Crane Houses”, which were developed to resemble historical loading cranes. He showed us the statue of Tunnes and Schal, and told us a couple of jokes about them (including one that was funny in English). We were really happy to have the tour - we saw and learned things that we wouldn't have otherwise.

After Hans left us, we went to the Roman museum, and the Chocolate museum.
I learned an expensive lesson today. I forgot my camera battery on the charger in the Campingplatz common area. Tonight when we got back, they're gone (along with my power adapter). Boo.