Romantische Straße and the Mittelrhein : 2017-06-25 : To Bacharach

Type Name Description Service Provider Cost Kms To Date Total Notes Actions
Cycle To Bacharach Today: 54km; Total: 1068km $0.00 54.00 54.00
Cycle Tal to Tal $0.00 0.00 54.00
Sight See Boppard $0.00
Sight See Sankt Goar (St. Goar) $0.00
Sight See The Lorelei $0.00
Type Name Service Provider Confirmation Location Cost Notes Actions
Camp Campingplatz Sonnenstrand $25.00

Trip Log

Notes Actions
Today is Sunday, which is always something we need to plan around because so many things are closed. So, we bought double groceries last night to prepare in case no grocery stores are open tomorrow. We only had to ride as far as Boppard, though, to find an open café so we enjoyed “Second Breakfast” there (and “First Coffee”) and checked out the Romerkastel.
I’m feeling oddly fatigued and a little depressed today. Not sure why but I also feel like a bottomless pit, and as I eat numerous meals throughout the day I do start to feel better… so… maybe I was just down a litre?
Leaving Boppard we encountered a delightful surprise. The road that we’re following down the Rhein from Boppard all the way to Bacharach (and perhaps all the way to Bingen?) is closed to vehicular traffic. It is bicycle super highway! There are a few roller-bladers, and other folks with some kind of creative locomotion, but mostly bicycles. And bicycles and bicycles. I’m currently enjoying a Radler in Bacharach while Brent and Laura climb the hill to the Schloss. When we’re done here we’ll move on just a couple of km down the road to the Campingplatz. In Bacharach we discovered a flyer on the town bulletin board for an event called “Tal to Tal” for today’s date which had the road blocked to vehicles from Rhens to Bingen. Awesome!
We traveled through a good part of the Middle Rhein today, which is known for being particularly scenic, and absolutely littered with Schlosses. Everywhere we looked there was a Schloss. It’s spectacular. We highly recommend riding this portion of the Rhein.