Loire a Velo with Friends : 2019-01-27 : The Touring Crew

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After this trip was planned and the mandatory pre-trip executed, a couple of things happened in Laura's life - she had a medical event in the summer of 2018 which may have prevented her from doing the tour in France... and she got a new job and moved to Vancouver which may have prevented her from doing the tour in France.

We always figured that Ann was our most likely candidate for coming on the trip, but Ann had indicated that if Laura didn't come, she wouldn't come. Lynn and Geoff were a solid maybe, Trisha wanted to come, but only for a portion of the trip, Michel was not interested in the trip (he came on the pre-trip just for the fun of it), and Doug and Lisa aren't ready for a month of self-supported cycle touring.

Toward the end of November 2018, Brent and I had a chat about what we would do instead of the Loire if it ended up just being the two of us on the trip. After all, if Laura was out, Ann was out, and likely there was no beginner trip. No sense in Brent and me doing the beginner trip with no beginners! Plus, we've already done most of the Loire in 2015.

In early December, Laura confirmed that she was going to be able to do the tour. YAY!! So, then the three of us had a chat about what we might do instead of the beginner trip if it ended up being just the three of us.

In mid-December, Ann confirmed that she was in for the trip... and in January she put her money where her mouth was and paid for flights to and from France. YAY!! We have a beginner for our beginner tour!

Shortly after Ann bought her flights, Geoff and Lynn also bought flights, so now we have even MORE beginners! YAY!! A full complement of beginners for our beginner tour.

As of this writing, Trisha is planning on coming as well, meeting us in Nevers where she'll rent the bike and gear she'll need to do about ten days with us.