Loire a Velo with Friends : 2019-04-10 : Hard-Copy Maps

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Brent and I got the "EuroVelo 6 Part 1: Atlantic - Basel" map from Huber (http://www.craenen.be/index.php?pid=204) when we were in Europe in 2015. We really like it a lot, but:
1) It is now four years old and I'm not sure if anything has changed
2) I like having more than one hard-copy resource for my evening-ly dreamin' and schemin'

so, I decided I should at least try to get the Bikeline Loire-Radweg map. There were a few places I could order it from, but I liked Omnimap (http://www.omnimap.com/) the best, so I ordered it from there on January 19.

When the order hadn't arrived by March 5th, I contacted them to find out what was going on. I was advised that Omni had gone out of business and was acquired by East View Map Link in December, and the timing of my order was during the chaos of them acquiring Omni's orders and inventory. The diligent customer service rep that I dealt with assured me that she would get my order taken care of and I would have the map by mid-May. It arrived on April 10th, so now I'm all happy and I have the resources I need for my evening obsessing.